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Remembering the Victims of Kunan Poshpora

22 February 2013
Published in Latest News


International Council for Human Rights - Kashmir Project (ICHR-KP) sadly remembers Kunan Poshpora mass raping by units of the Indian forces occurred on February 23, 1991, in Kashmir's Kupwara District. An entire village of men were removed to a distant field while their wives, mothers, sisters and daughters were brutally raped by the Indian army. A 13-year old girl was raped. An 80-year-old woman was raped. Even a full-term pregnant woman was raped and lost her baby. In all, 100 women were raped in this Kashmir village in one night. No one in India, relatively speaking, knows about what happened in Kashmir on a much larger and more brutal scale, with tacit sanctioning of the Indian Government

ICHR-KP expresses solidarity with the victims of the Kunan Poshpora.

Barrister A. Majid Tramboo deplores that “the culprits of gang rape in Kunan Poshpora have not been brought to justice  and no compensation has been afforded to the victims despite the passage of more than twenty years.” He added that “The Shopian rape and murder of two young women is an example as how the Indian military and para-military forces are operating in Kashmir.”

Barrister Tramboo declared that “It is about time that such gross human rights violations must be brought into the limelight on the international level and this is precisely what ICHR-KP has embarked upon.”

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